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I made a comic on Friday, planning to run it on Monday, thinking mainly about Patriots Day and the marathon.  By Saturday, I hated what I’d made - felt like it was based around me thinking of last year strictly in terms of instinct and emotion without any real deeper thought to it.  So I made a different one instead - very different in terms of structure and tone, and something that I came out really happy with.  For the record, though, here’s the original raw image for the comic that I’d made:


You can decide which you would have preferred, but I’ll take the one that actually presents the level-headedness I try to recommend with each STW.

This switching up happens every so often, but usually if I come to hate a comic, it’s after I already posted it.  The last time I made a comic and then didn’t use it was during the Winter Olympics, after watching some crazy snowboarding event.  I don’t know what ran instead, but I hated this one within an hour of making it.


Eh.  Feels mean.  Meaner than I’d prefer.

Oh well.  Back to my creepy basement to make another.

Go click the link for the one he choose to post. It’s amazing and true!



Anarchist Cookbook for Disneyworld Travels: http://www.crackajack.de/2014/04/19/anarchist-cookbook-for-disneyworld-travels/

This might be a kickstarter I have to support. 


Can’t get enough of these Phillies player card drawings by kids. Hope the @RedSox let a 1st grade do this, too.


The Philadelphia Phillies used children’s drawings of the starting lineup on the scoreboard in place of their official photos. [deadspin]

This is Adorable and awesome! Big Kudos to everyone who made this happen! 

RIP Spring 2014.

So funny! I’m dying. 

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In honor of this fine week of palindromic dates…



if you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to

why don’t you go where fashion sits


I have been laughing at this for literally the past 5 minutes


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Don’t get us wrong, we think Wikipedia is a wondrous creation. Never before has so much information been so easily accessible, and getting lost in its pages is great way to procrastinate whilst still convincing yourself that you’re doing something worthwhile.

Sometimes, though, it does rather go on a bit.


Luckily, excellent Tumblr TL:DR Wikipedia is here to provide a quick summary of what really need to know about various topics.

Here are 8 examples:

Read them all and you’ll instantly become at least 27% cleverer.

1. Résumé


Apart from ours, obviously. All of those awards we won are definitely actually real, and you can’t prove otherwise.

2. Accountant


Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

3. Wedding Invitation


If any of our married friends are reading this, don’t worry, *your* wedding was lovely.

4. Toilet


'In a bathroom' is a state of mind.

5. Latte


Ahhhh, so *that’s* what the difference is.

6. Nail Clippers


They might joke, but those things are sharp!

7. Che Guevara


He was kind of like the Dov Charney of his time. We think.

8. Wikipedia


They forgot “pub quiz cheating tool”, but otherwise this is spot on.

Via TL;DR Wikipedia

1) go read this, it’s very funny.

2) I HATE THOSE UGLY GREEN LINK BOXES!! They are the worst design feature ever. I am getting close to burning Tumblr to the ground they are so bad at designing a website.